SMS over LoRa: Long distance SMS without 4G // Patron Only

Do you want to be able to send an SMS over 20kms without using a mobile phone network? Here’s one small project you can knock up in less than a day allowing you to send an SMS over LoRa.

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Hi Patrons!

So, we have the last of the previous Patron voting schedule videos. Wow, that was a long month!

It’s a simple LoRa <-> WiFi gateway with emphasis on just sending SMS to/from another node(s). Fairly basic at this stage. Nothing complex.


This is another project I’m keen to take further. Would be good to add in some enhancements. There’s been another project similar to this based on LoRaWAN, but it was only a PoC and never really made it mainstream.

Anyway, enjoy!

Thanks for your support.



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