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The Christmas Tree Game 2017 - Bigger, better, badder.

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Hi Patrons,

This one took a little longer than I had hoped. I was going to run a Patron Update video, but ran out of time. (Next week, along with the last Weekly Roundup for 2017.) It all started out trying to first improve the issues from last year and then work on enhancements. Given the lack of time I had, I ended up making something usable.

This year, there’s a severe lack of real hardware. The only hardware components are a Pi3 and a 64x32 pixel RGB matrix. I ditched the UpBoard which was used for OBS streaming last year and used my high-end rendering Hackintosh instead. This shaved 5 seconds off the delay.

Then I ran inbound connections from the Internet direct to the Pi3 sitting on a VPN, instead of routing the traffic through a firewall/gateway/UpBoard/Device chain. This shaved another second off the delay. Then, there’s a new “elite-super-duper-fantastic-speedy” option in the YouTube stream console which seems to have made a difference as well.

On the software side, it’s all C++. Quite extensive, and a lot of hacks. Really. Not something that I’d show a customer, but anyway. It fulfills the purpose and the need. I’ll tidy it up before I publish to GitHub later.

Anyway, thanks for all your support this year. Hope you can all find some down time and relax with family/friends.

Mick. Go to to fire the Snowballs.


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