January/February Voting Schedule

Every month all my Patrons get a chance to vote on the upcoming video schedule. This is the schedule for January/February.

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Hi Patrons,

2018 is here, and even though I’ll still be writing 2017 until June, it is, in fact, the year of the dog… Whatever that means…


I couldn’t really think of any interesting segue into the Patron Voting schedule. So here we are…

As you can see, there’s a tonne of Reviews I haven’t done yet. So I’d like to do at least two full reviews for Jan/Feb and possibly three, two projects and I really need to keep those LinuxFu videos going as well. You will also have noticed I’ve added in a DockerFu series, for those who are interested.

Same rules as last time. You can go mad with clicking and click on everything, but if you do it will statistically dilute your vote. So choose wisely. :-D

Poll will end Sunday 21st January 2359 ADST and for those reading this on my website: For now, just shoot me an email until I sort out a poll thingy on my website.


  • ODROID-XU4Q Review
  • Firefly RK3399 Review
  • Khadas VIM Review
  • LeMaker HiKey960 Review
  • NanoPi NEO Air Review
  • NanoPi NEO Review
  • NanoPi S2 Review
  • NanoPi-A64 Review
  • NanoPi-M1 Plus Review
  • Orange Pi NAS Review
  • Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 Review
  • Rock64 Review
  • Banana Pi M2 Berry Review
  • Banana Pi M3 Review
  • Banana Pi R2 Review
  • ioLinker Review
  • NanoPi Duo Review


  • MQTT & Nagios
  • LinuxFu: The basics
  • DockerFu: The basics
  • Arduino IDE alternatives


  • Project:Remote Control Camera Dolly
  • Project:MQTT Shower Water Saver
  • Project:ESP8266/MQTT kettle
  • Project:ESP8266/MQTT toaster
  • Project:ESP8266/MQTT LCD monitor

Thanks for all your support!



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