MickMake Mail #23: Andonstar HDMI microscope // Patron Only

A quick MickMakeMail taking a look at something that I’ve really needed for a while now.

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Hi Patrons,

This is a fairly quick MickMakeMail video. I was sent this just before Christmas and something I’ve been needing for a while now.

I saw Kean’s one, and was jealous. :-D

It’s actually pretty decent for the price. Does everything that it’s supposed to do, but the stand is a little dodgy. If you’re wanting to take a photo of something, then pressing the buttons on the side moves the camera. You can take photos remotely from your PC. There’s a number of apps around that do it, but they vary in quality.

I’m happy as I can record straight from HDMI using my Elgato HD60.

Anyway, thanks again for your support.



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