The MickMake SMMF16 Interviews Part 1

YouTube video: The MickMake SMMF16 Interviews Part 1

The Sydney Mini Maker Faire was on in August. I went to it and interviewed all the stall owners. Here’s Part 1 of those interviews complete with links to all the good stuff.

Sydney Mini Maker Faire highlights

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Or… what you missed out on.

Why the Maker Movement doesn’t exist - Daniel Green

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MickMake met with Daniel Green who asked why he thought the Maker Movement doesn’t actually exist.

Daniel Green has been responsible for organizing the Sydney Mini Maker Faires for the last 4 years. We discuss his interesting perspective on Makers and why they exist, why it’s important for Maker Faires to exist, as well as what Makers he’d like to see at next year’s event.

A lengthy interview, but quite insightful.

Questions asked: Who are you and what do you do? The Maker Movement doesn’t exist. Why is that? Why does the MAAS run the Mini Maker Faire event? Does the Museum show people what can be made as a Maker? Do you think the MAAS should change it’s name to the “Maker Museum”? What would you do differently next year? What would you like to see more of next year? When would you like the “Mini Maker Faire” to become a “Maker Faire”? The MAAS is thinking of moving, when is that happening? Have you been happy with the number of people?

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

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Sydney Mini Maker Faire


EEVBlog, Sydney Makers, Little Bird Electronics

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Mick bumps into a long time YouTuber Dave Jones from EEVBlog, discovers what great idea James Campbell has come up with, and checks in on what Little Bird Electronics setup at the show.


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Sydney Makers Hub


Little Bird Electronics


MickMake meets Makers: Maker’s Muse

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Another @MickMakes interview at the #SMMF16, this time with the 3D printing guru from downunder; Maker’s Muse.

Mick discusses the future of Angus' channel, his trip to China, what we can look forward to in the 3D printing world and how 3D printing filaments are evolving.

Maker’s Muse

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MickMake meets Makers: MakerSpace & Co.

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A brief interview with the great makerspace Makerspace & Co who are located in Marrickville, Sydney. What do they do? How can they help the Maker? How does the Maker Movement compare with the US?

Makerspace & Co

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MickMake meets Makers: Robots and Dinosaurs

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Mick interviews the mad inventor Gavin Smith from Robots and Dinosaurs and finds out how he almost electrocuted his mate at high school.

Robots and Dinosaurs


MickMake meets Makers: BioFoundry

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Meet Meow Ludo who is leading the charge in biohacking in Australia. He has a great bio makerspace where anyone can come along and create anything.

He also shows off his thumb, which has an NFC chip embedded in it.

BioFoundry Web:

MickMake meets Makers: BotBitz / RoboWars

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Steve Martin has been the driving force behind RoboWars Australia and has launched a company called BotBitz who’s aim is to bring inexpensive robotics parts into Australia. He has a range of parts and some cool little remote controlled battlebots. He’s also about to launch a kickstarter for a nice little robotics board.


Web: YouTube (RoboWars: YouTube (BotBitz):

MickMake meets Makers: Mobile Makerspace

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Mobile Makerspace is a great concept. For those education centres who don’t have the skills or equipment it’s a tough road to get into STEAM, (or STEM). This company makes it easy by providing everything for you in a mobile centre.

Mobile Makerspace


MickMake meets Makers: MathWorks

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Since the early days Matlab has always been the “go to” when you wanted heavy mathematic modelling. Now they have gotten into the Maker space with Simulink, which is a great framework for modelling, simulating and deploying your code with the least amount of steps possible.






MickMake meets Makers: Create UNSW

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The Create UNSW team have pulled out all the stops this year. Showcasing their entry into the Medical Express UAV Challenge with their vertical takeoff UAV, their prize winning track navigation UAV, automatic aerial controller, plus others.

Create UNSW is a makerspace aiming at creating solutions for competition entries. Anyone can join the team.

Create UNSW

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Medical Express UAV Challenge




MickMake meets Makers: Aran Blocks

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Aran Blocks is a stackable building block that can connect horizontally or vertically and can hold a considerable amount of weight. Mick finds out just how much weight it can handle.

Dev is launching a Kickstarter campaign in September. Stay tuned for that!

Aran Blocks

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