MickMake Meets Robots & Dinosaurs

Mick visits one of Tim’s old school mates, Gavin Smith, who runs a MakerSpace called Robots & Dinosaurs in Meadowbank, Sydney, Australia.

Part 1: Laser cutters, CNC and other machinery

  • CO2 laser cutters.
  • Why we can cut mirrors with laser cutters.
  • Materials you shouldn’t use in a laser cutter, (chlorine gas).
  • Box creating software.
  • Yet another Gav & Tim story.
  • Various CNC machines.
  • Circuit board manufacture using CNC.

Part 2: Robots, projects, electronics and stories

  • B9 robot from Lost In Space.
  • Recycled robot.
  • Soft drink can collecting robot.
  • Book scanner.
  • Slow Dance prototype (Kickstarter).
  • 3D printers.
  • Soldering desks.
  • Storage containers.
  • Video microscope.
  • Using Form Card (Kickstarter).
  • High intensity Xray scanners and flash drives.
  • Differential screws.
  • Organizing tools.

See also Dave Jones' trip to R&D.

R&D website: http://robodino.org/

Gav’s personal website: https://tinkerings.org/


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