MickMake Mail #19: NanoPi Duo, SiFive, MetaMotionR & DQMusicPlayer // News

YouTube video: MickMake Mail #19: NanoPi Duo, SiFive, MetaMotionR & DQMusicPlayer // News

This MickMakeMail has the NanoPi Duo from the friendly guys, SiFive from an older mailbag, the MetaMotionR from mbientlab and best of all a music player for dementia patients. Woohoo!

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Nano Pi Duo

The NanoPi Duo is a pretty good idea and I’m surprised it’s taken so long for the SBC manufacturers to come up with it. But anyway, here it is. The Duo can be used as a small MCU board or as an SBC. One thing about FriendlyElec is that they are starting to produce some quality documentation.

However, if you’re wanting an Armbian image, they haven’t yet released one.

Thanks to one of my subs, (Leon), for sending these to me.


mbientlabs sent me a review board of their MetaMotionR. It’s a step up from the previous Kickstarter I backed around a year ago. I give it a quick run through of it’s abilities.


Something that’s been hanging around on my TODO shelf for a while now. I had to crack it out just to give it a quick review. The HiFive1 was a successful CrowdSupply campaign that runs the OpenHardware RISC-V CPU and gives you a 320MHz Arduino clone. That’s a lot of grunt.


Love this sort of thing. One of my subs, Ross Porter, spied his HackADay winning entry in Weekly Roundup #43and offered to send me his kit for a Dementia-friendly music player. Fantastically simple idea that has a massive impact on people with dementia. Gotta love it!


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