Video schedule update & other things

Hi Patrons,

Just a note that the last two weeks was a small deviation with the Patron voting schedule, but we’re back on track again.

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This weekend I am publishing the second part of the PCB making video with EasyEDA.

Next weekend - I’ll be publishing the first two of the DockerFu videos and I really need to get back to the LinuxFu ones.

I’ve also been asked by one of my sponsors, (JLCPCB), to design a board that show-cases off their 4 layer high density boards. So, looks like Rev2.0 of my Super Duper board will be coming sooner than later.

This will more than likely have some SoC onboard… Yes, looks like my April Fools joke just might be true after all… Minus the 386, sadly… I know some of you were looking forward to that.

Anyway, thanks again for all your support! 2018 is looking good!



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