Mega studio expansion: Part 1 // Patron Only

YouTube video: Mega studio expansion: Part 1 // Patron Only

Part 1 of the mega studio upgrade on a budget. This video I’m doing all the hard yakka building work.

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Hi Patrons,

The first mega studio expansion on a budget video is out.

In this one I’m essentially doing a lot of the hard yakka building work. Timber stud frame and some plaster work.

The only expenses were the double glazed glass, which I needed for in between the two studio areas and the plaster board.

All the timber was from throw outs. Some of it was dodgy, but most quite sturdy for a stud frame.

The next video will be plastering, painting, swinging doors, etc. Sadly the acoustic panels haven’t arrived yet, but hopefully they will before the end of the week.

The video after that will be decking it all out as an electronics lab. Gladly accept any and all suggestions!

Thanks for your support!



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