The winners of the MickMake/Tindie competition

YouTube video: The winners of the MickMake/Tindie competition

So, who are the winners of the MickMake / Tindie competition? Find out here …

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Adelaide Maker Faire

The Adelaide Maker Faire was an absolute blast. I met a whole lot of Makers down there, making some really cool stuff. I’m busy editing the 36G of video and photos we took, so stay tuned for when I publish that video.

So, who were the winners of the three Tindie goodies? I sorted through the “it would really be nice if I could say a thousand” entries and sent them on to Jasmine, the top dog of Tindie, to select the best entries …

and she came up with the three winners.

The winners

The BerryIMU goes to George B, who wants to add it into his beehive sensor project which will alert him if the hive is disturbed by something. Apparently people are the main culprit, (not bears - as we only have drop-bears to fear and they just drop). There’s a lot of thieving of hives. So he’ll be able to use it to detect if they move.
And the MappyDOT goes to Dunno DoYou, who wants to use the Lidar to let blind people know of objects or people behind or around them. Now that’s a great idea.
And the WaterMeBird goes to Poppa Bear, who has some little makers wanting to get into electronics. That’s a pretty good project for them to build.

So, congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone else who entered, and a big thanks to my favourite Maker store - Tindie.

There will be other giveaways later in the year, so stay tuned for those.


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