Weekly Roundup #13 - New Maker Products // News

YouTube video: Weekly Roundup #13 - New Maker Products // News

This week’s Weekly Roundup we have GPS & GSM modules, battery management, SBCs, the usual Robots, (again), and a desktop laser cutting machine.

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Crowd Funding


KickStarter is a bit more lively this week.


In my previous Roundups you might have seen two similar stepper motor controllers to this one. The HDrive has all the same features as the others, however it is accessible via ethernet. You can control it via web interface or they have example code in Matlab and C giving you precise positioning, and kinematic controls over speed and torque.

Badgerboard - Your ticket to the LoRa® world

The Badgerboard is a small board containing an ATmega32u4, LoRa module, LiPo battery management, and temperature & humidity sensors.

Voccell DLS - Complete Laser Cutter & Engraver System

The Voccell DLS is a desktop laser cutting and engraving machine able to cut and engrave pretty much anything you want. It contains a 50w water cooled Co2 laser, that you can upgrade to 70w. Able to cut up to 12.7mm thick material.


Cricket-232 - Worlds Best RS-232 Launch Pad

If you’ve ever been stuck trying to access an RS232 device then this is a handy breakout for your breadboard toolbox. It’s simply a TTL to RS232 logic level converter, but in a handy breadboard format.

µTracker - extremly Power Saving GPS + GSM Board

The uTracker is a nice ultra low power board with onboard GSM900 and GSM1800 GPS and GSM modules, accelerometer, microSD, reed switch and a picoPower Atmel chip able to drop down to 19.5uA. Can be powered from USB, QI, or solar cell.

Dashbot: Add AI to Any Car for $49

The Dashbot is a cool idea. It essentially places voice recognition in your vehicle and from then on who knows what you will do with it?

Contains a microphone array and built-in noise cancelling so it’ll pick up the most nervous speaker.

There’s also an expansion pack with OBD port to access all your vehicle’s internals. All powered by the CHIPpro.

What are you waiting for?

Filament Spool Holder & Storage Case System for 3D Printing

If you’ve ever had moisture issues with your 3D prints then this Kickstarter is a storage case for your filaments that’ll both protect and feed filament out of it.

AE modular - a modular synthesizer for everyone

The AE modular is modular analog synthesizer. It gives you a control over all aspects of the synth, with attack, delays, filters, etc. A nice little kit if you want to play around with analog sounds.

Affordable DLP 3D Printer - Amazing 2K Resolution

Hey! Another 3D printer! No wait, this one is a UV based printer which claims high accuracy and able tp print even the most complicated structures.

The concept is simple: A UV bulb will shine through an LCD screen and “set” the resin material whilst the object is moved up layer by layer. They claim 40 micron resolution.

A great concept. No wonder why they are almost 500% funded.

Switch Bot - The World’s Smallest Remote Robot

So, you have these old light switches and you want to be able to control it from the Internet? The SwitchBot contains an armature that is capable of controlling most mechanical switches and buttons. Runs off a Lithium battery for up to 2 years worth of button mashing over Bluetooth and comes with an open API. What a cool idea! Why hasn’t anyone come up with this before?


And then we have IndieGoGo…

Humanoide robot Bobbie 1S

… you guessed it robots that inspire you to do pushups the wrong way…

Omate Yumi - The Most Advanced Home Robot

… or just sit there looking a little lonely. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him being left alone like that…

Smart Toast

… and a Smart Toaster. Er OK. Moving on…

Crowd Supply


On Crowd Supply there’s a pre-launch of a Arduino Zero compatible dual motor driver…


… and one that I missed earlier was a small 5 or 3.3 v output buck converter designed to attach directly to a 9V battery. Capable of pushing 500mA out.

This is great if you want an easy and quick portable solution for your project.

E-paper Shield Kit

This is a great E-paper shield kit that can be soldered directly to any Teensy. Controls a 208 by 112 pixel display via SPI.

This one I’ll support as I have a couple of projects in mind. So stay tuned for a review and tutorial on this one.

AdaFruit, Seeed, SparkFun, DFRobot, DigiKey

Pi Supply PaPiRus Zero ePaper/eInk pHAT v1.2

Speaking of ePaper. Once it’s back in stock AdaFruit will have a Pi Zero ePaper display at 128 by 96 pixels which of course works on any Pi …

Adafruit PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865

… and a breakout board for Platinum RTDs, (Resistance Temperature Sensor). These are more stable and precise temperature sensors, but are also particularly sensitive. Measuring only 100 ohms at 0 Celsius means they need a fairly stable amplifier.


I know at least one of my Patreons will be interested in this one. The AI7688H from Seeed is an OpenWRT based SoC comparable to the ESP8266 in almost every way except with better power management, and is programmable via Python, Node.js or C.

Maker Shops

Tindie and others

As usual Tindie has a mish mash of new stuff.

Dual CAN-Bus adapter for Teensy 3.5, 3.6

So, you have your Teensy 3.5 or 3.6? Chuck one of these CAN bus adaptors on so it can speak to your Vehicles CAN bus.

TinyGPS backpack for Teensy 3.0-3.6 and LC

and while you’re at it get one of these Teensy GPS modules. Both of them together will allow you to create a nice vehicle tracking system.

18V 20A LiPO Li-ion battery management system BMS

If you are in need of a multi-cell battery management board then this one will manage up to 5 Lithium Ion cells. It’ll balance cells, and protect against all the usual issues you’ll see. Great for small electric vehicles.

LTC2991 Octal I2C Voltage,Current and Temp Monitor

This little breakout board contains the LTC2991 chip, which allows you to monitor voltage and current on 8 inputs. The 14bit ADC will give you around 3mV accuracy on a 5v input. It’s a tiny chip so not designed for high currents.

CMSIS-DAP ARM Debug JTag/SWD Module, Drag & Drop

In need of a JTAG or SWD module? This one is compatible with most IDEs such as Eclipse, OpenOCD, and CrossWorks and even appears as a USB flash drive on your PC. So you can do simple things like drag and drop reflashing of your device.

ESPea Battery Shield

April Brother on Tindie have an LTC4054 based battery management breakout designed to attach to their ESPea boards.

Particle Pi Starter Kit with Raspberry Pi 3

You will have heard about Particle. Well now the Particle guys have teamed up with the Raspberry Pi foundation. You can now get a Particle Pi starter kit that contains a Pi 3, and a bunch of sensors to help you get started coding up and using Particle Cloud.

Geniatech Dragon Board IV

Geniatech have always been known for their set top boxes, but now they’re entering into the SBC wars. It’s a Linaro 96board clone based on the Snapdragon 410 with the standard 60 pin LInaro expansion headers. So far I haven’t seen anyone selling it yet.

The Cheap Side

On the cheap side of town we have…

Banana Pi M2 Ultra

The new Banana Pi M2 Ultra is here and available on AliExpress, although I haven’t seen it available elsewhere. This new SBC has extra features such as the Allwinner R40, up to 64G eMMC, 2G DDR3 RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi. Of course contains all the usual HDMI, SATA and other ports of the previous M2.

Banana Pi M64

Or you can pick up the Banana Pi M64 from AliExpress, which was their first 64bit SBC running the quad-core Cortex-A64.

Wireless Charging Module Qi PCBA Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Circuit Board DIY

… a DIY wireless charging module from Bang good claiming to be QI compatible.

GPS GPRS GSM Module ESP8266 A7 / SMS / Speech / Board / Minimum System Board

An AI-thinker A7 based module with onboard GPS, GSM capable of voice calls and SMS. Note that GSM will be phased out in most countries soon, but a cheap module still if you want just the GPS.

1-10Hz VK2828U8G5LF GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou UBLOX NEO-M8N Module With Antenna

Or you can pick up a cheap GPS module that also supports GLONASS and BeiDou. Can provide location data at 10Hz sample rates and spits that out at all the supported baud rates.


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