MickMake Mail #30: Gakken, JLCPCB, wicking and skulls // News

YouTube video: MickMake Mail #30: Gakken, JLCPCB, wicking and skulls // News

A bit of a different mailbag this week. Containing a lot of bits and pieces for upcoming projects and other odds and ends.

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Wicking Braid






Unexpected Maker - 7 segment displays

You can check out Seon’s YouTube channel here.

Gakken WorldEye

Phil Burgess' mods to AdaFruit’s Pi Eye Python code.


I was teaching Tim all about Arduinos in a video series called “Learning Arduino”. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had much time for it, but I managed to grab him to record two videos on learning how to make his own PCB.


Another project in the works. I can’t say much about it, but it’ll be a doozy! Of course, I needed some human skulls for it.


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