MickMake Mail #15: EspressoBin, FireBeetle, UDOO x86, ArduShield // News

YouTube video: MickMake Mail #15: EspressoBin, FireBeetle, UDOO x86, ArduShield // News

Another mailbag with lots of interesting stuff. EspressoBin, FireBeetle, UDOO x86, ArduShield, nRF52832 and an extra thank you from one of my Patrons.

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WiFi routers

One of my Patreons sent me two of these units, which are very well needed as two of my old access points were hit by lightning. One died and the other was forever flaky. Thanks mate!


The EspressoBin is an SBC that started out as a Kickstarter campaign, and was successfully funded November 2016.

They sent me two units, one for review and one as part of a competition. The competition has already finished.
Can’t wait to get into this one!


This one was an IndieGoGo campaign that was successfully funded October 2016, but now up on Tindie. The creator sent me a review sample. Great idea for breadboard-ing.

[LED matrix display](https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1590.html?tracking=5987cead3290e>FireBeetle and <a href=)

This one is from DFRobot. I wanted to update a very old project of mine, which was a talking alarm clock based on a 6502. Check it out here.

The FireBeetle is based on the ESP32. Nice little board. Very similar to AdaFruit’s Feather Huzzah.

Instructables competition

I entered one of my projects, (the MQTT letterbox), into the Instructables IoT competition. Although I didn’t win, I was runner up.

nRF52832 module

Pesky Products Tindie store kindly sent me one of their nRF52832 boards for a project I have planned.

This is a nice little board that can run of LiPo or coin cell battery.
If you want to see me do this project, then you can become one of my Patreons and vote on the upcoming video schedule.


Due to a mixup on my part I ordered one of these UDOO X86 boards at the end of 2017, but UDOO offered me a review sample. So it came in this week with a whole bunch of extras.


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