12,600 subscriber competition!

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YouTube video: 12,600 subscriber competition!

This is my sort of 10k subscriber give-away, which has turned into the 12,600 subscriber give-away.

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I’m giving two people the chance to win an Omega2 and a dock of their choice. One person from my subscribers, and one person from my Patreons.

All you have to do is watch the intro segment of my Adelaide Maker Faire video and count the number of items I pack into my bag. There’s also extra credit if you can correctly identify the item that really shouldn’t be there.

You can send in your answer using the comment form on my website, or emailing to feedback@mickmake.com.

Rules and conditions of entry

This competition is run by the MickMake YouTube channel and has no direct association with Onion Corporation. 1. This competition closes at midnight on the 5th March 2017 NZDST and the two winners of the Omega2 and dock of their choice will be announced the following day by email and announced by YouTube video, on the MickMake website, and on the FaceBook, Twitter and GooglePlus social platforms. 2. Winner privacy will be honored if requested, and only the first name used in posts to social media. 3. There are a limited number of docks; should both winner(s) request the same dock then the winners can decide who requests which dock. Should there be no decision, then MickMake reserves the right to make the final decision. 4. This competition is open to anyone. However, due to possible legal and jurisdiction issues within countries, MickMake reserves the right to decline any entry submitted should that entry be deemed to violate any laws. 5. Entry into the competition means that the entrant warrants that he or she meets the entry requirements and accepts these terms and conditions. 6. Only one online entry per person. 7. An “online entry” can be made by sending an email to feedback@mickmake.com, or by feedback form on this website. 8. Review the intro sequence of the Adelaide Maker Faire video on the MickMake YouTube channel and count the number of items I pack into my bag. Extra credit will be given to whoever correctly identifies the “odd item” that is placed in my bag. 9. The competition will be judged on the first most correct answer with extra credit being given to whoever correctly identifies the “odd item”. That is: A person who correctly identifies the number of items plus the “odd item” first will win ahead of the person who just correctly identifies the number of items. 10. One winner will be selected from the subscribers who have entered and one from the Patreons who have entered. No one can win twice. 11. The winner(s) will be required to provide their shipping address for delivery. MickMake will contact the winner(s) for delivery details. 12. Shipping costs will be borne by MickMake unless exceeding AU$15 in which case the winner will be required to pay any amount over and above the AU$15. 13. MickMake retains the right to disqualify entrants should they not meet the requirements above or if it has been determined that there has been a breach of the competition terms and conditions.


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