February Video Schedule.

The results of the Patron Video Schedule Voting is in!

Hi Patrons,

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I was a bit surprised with the results from the video schedule voting.

This time I threw in a couple of interesting topics that would traditionally be considered large systems related. As you can see from the title image - Docker and Nagios.

We’re seeing a trend towards merging “systems” and “embedded”. Like all trends, the industry has no idea what it’s doing and so everything is a bit muddy. “Cloud” is starting to bed down, but “IoT” is still up for grabs. Companies are still trying to “find that thing” that will spearhead their revenue stream.

Enough of big business…

What’s it got to do with the Maker?

Well, for example, being able to push temperature sensor data to a unified MQTT which then pushes on to Nagios allows you to not only track and alert of changes, but also provide historic logging.

Also Docker is fast becoming “the thing” for deploying apps. I still think that Docker can be worse in some scenarios because people can be lazy, but that’s a long story…

It’s popular with Makers because you can deploy your app very quickly to an SBC without having it take up a huge amount of space, (storage and memory), worry about dependencies, and general setup and config.

Anyway… enough rambling… The results!


  • 92 MQTT & Nagios
  • 68 DockerFu: The basics
  • 63 LinuxFu: The basics


  • 54 LoRa SMS: Part 2/3
  • 54 Project:ESP8266/MQTT kettle
  • 49 Project:ESP8266/MQTT LCD monitor


  • 54 Rock64
  • 52 ODROID-XU4Q
  • 50 NanoPi-A64
  • 50 Orange Pi Zero Plus 2
  • 35 NanoPi Duo
  • 35 LeMaker HiKey960

This time around I won’t set the order here as sometimes the videos took way longer than expected, but I will still publish in order. So, if it’s a Tutorial week, the first video will be “MQTT & Nagios”, or Review week, it’ll be “Rock64”.

This weekend I have to publish my Adelaide Maker Faire video. I had issues with equipment down there and I had put the video on the back-burner because I was so annoyed… Anyway, I managed to resurrect things and looks good so far.

Oh… I’m also jumping out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet on Sunday! Hopefully it’ll be a great video!

Thanks for your support!



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